Body Composition Monitor HBF-214

Body Composition Monitor HBF-214

It’s more than just a weighing scale! It shows you if your diet and exercise are effective. Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-214 shows your precise body composition measurement of body fat, skeletal muscle, visceral fat and more in seconds!

Availability of models varies across countries. Please contact our local offices for more information.



  • For generally weight-conscious individuals
    Slim and compact, designed for easy storage when not in use.
    It gives you a detailed picture of your weight and body’s overall condition
  • Check your body composition:

    • Body Weight display
    • Body Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage Analysis
    • BMI & Visceral Fat Analysis
    • Resting Metabolism Display
    • Body Age display
    • 4 Users Memory
  • Date April 24, 2019
  • Tags Body Composition Monitors, Consumer, Omron, Weight Management

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