Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F128

Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F128

With 12 Auto therapy modes and 5 specials modes to choose from, the HV-F128. Electronic pulse massager provides the perfect level of relief for muscular ache.

Availability of models varies across countries. Please contact our local offices for more information.



  • LCD shows intensity and remaining time of stimulation
  • 12 Automatic Courses
    Select modes to Soothe and Relieve, for Specific Regions and Massage types.
  • Soothe & Relieve mode for required therapeutic effects at low and high frequency (up to 1200Hz) respectively
  • Region: Automatic therapy program for 6 regions – shoulders, Joint, Arm, Sole, Leg and Waist
  • Select your favorite Massage mode program from tapping, kneading, pushing to rubbing
  • 5 Special Modes
    Select and adjust desired level of stimulation. Combined with Auto therapy Modes for better effect.
    • Hyper Mode – For relief of stiffness with gradual increase of intensity during treatment
    • Soft Mode – For relief with soft stimulation
    • Repeat Mode – Repeats your choice of stimulation
    • Point and Wide Mode – Treats a small or wide area respectively
    • Balance Adjustment – For emphasis of therapy on red or white sides or both
  • Washable and more durable Long-life Pads


About TENS

Our nerves, which radiate throughout the entire body as a complex network, perform various tasks which are indispensable for maintaining proper functioning. They conduct impulses between the central nervous system and an organ or a part of the body. They also transmit commands from and to the brain, and they regulate the body’s functions, as well as muscle contraction and relaxation.

Using the TENS method, Transcutaneous (i.e. passing through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the important nerve functions can be activated effectively. The frequency impulses, which are comparable to the natural bioelectricity, stimulate the body’s pain-relieving mechanisms. In this way, the transmission of pain by the nerve fibres is inhibited and secretion of pain-relieving, morphine like substances such as endorphins, are triggered. Furthermore, the blood flow through the treated body zones is improved.

For active people, it provides a massaging experience which has a very beneficial effect on muscle and shoulder or neck stiffness. It is very good for soothing overall bodily fatigue and improves the blood circulation in the treated areas.

Optional Accessories

Jumbo Pad (HV-JPAD)

Long Life Pad (HV-LLPAD)

  • Long-Life Pads is made from washable gel material and made more durable. It is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin.
  • Can use up to 10 washes, each wash after every 15 usage
  • Date April 24, 2019
  • Tags Consumer, Massager, Omron

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