M102 Mesh Nebulizer

M102 Mesh Nebulizer

This is a portable battery-operated mesh nebulizer with a laser-cut stainless steel ultrasonic mesh for efficient nebulization. The medicine cup is designed to minimize wastage and the residual drug volume is less than 0.5 ml. It runs on two AA sized batteries for ease during travel. It can also be used with the included cable by connecting to any USB power source. It comes with a convenient zipper pouch for storage and adult and pediatric face masks. Nebulizers are used for the efficient management of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.


  • MMAD: 3.49µm (compliance with European standard EN13544- 1)
  • Max nebulizing rate: ≥0.2 mL/min
  • Operational noise: approx. 37dB (A)
  • Operational time: continuous
  • Residual quantity: <0.25ml
  • Input power: DC 3.0V (“AA” size alkaline battery ×2)
  • Mask: polypropylene, plasticizer free
  • Size: 40.5×33.5×17cm


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  • Date September 30, 2021
  • Tags Nebulizer (Yuwell), Yuwell

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