YH-350 Breathcare PAP Device

YH-350 Breathcare PAP Device

The YH-350 Auto CPAP device with built-in Heated Humidifier is a full set including tubing and nasal mask. The device comes with a monochrome display and is easy to control and set via the rotating knob. Patient data is saved on an included micro SD card and the data interpretation software can be downloaded from the card. Basic data analysis can be viewed directly on the device.


  • High performance Motor
  • No- spoiler Air duct design- accurately monitor the air flow signals and reduces noise at the same time.
  • Patented Micro Airflow Laminar flow Tube – Equipped with world’s advance pressure and flow sensors, accurately collect pressure & flow signals, real- time control.
  • Foc control algorithm- the back propagation control algorithm, makes air leakage compensation in real- time.


  • Treatment mode: CPAP/Auto CPAP
  • Pressure range:4~20 cmH2O
  • Pressure accuracy:±5 cmH2O
  • Efficient humidifier: Yes
  • High Pressure remainder: No
  • Leak remainder: Yes
  • Leak compensation: Yes
  • Altitude adjustment: Yes
  • Data management: Yes
  • Alarm protection: face mask fell alarm
  • Power:100-240V,50-60Hz DC 24V
  • USM air circuit system: ultra-silence air circuit system
  • PCM: noise removal technology
  • 3A self-adapting frequency adjusting technique


Download Usage Manual
  • Date October 3, 2021
  • Tags CPAP/BIPAP & Mask, Yuwell

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