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Global Experience

Welcome To Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Ltd.
We are the country leading pharma distribution company

Certified Company

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh is following the highest international quality standards. The QMS adopted by PSBL is compliant with the requirements of Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) of WHO, EU, PICS etc. requirements of ISO QMS (ISO 9001) and the distribution quality requirements of world renowned pharmaceutical companies. PSBL is also DUNS registered company in Bangladesh.

No.1 Pharma Distributor

PSBL is the number one pharma distribution company in Bangladesh and has a strong presence throughout the country. There are 13 branches that are located in all major cities in Bangladesh, 1 Cross dock and 3 more Cross docs in plan at Cox’s Bazar, Tangail and Bhairab. Our distribution serves over 51,000 customers, which comprises of Pharmacies, Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics.

Socially Responsible

With Global quality standards in place, we try to bring awareness to Healthcare circles as well on how medicine has to be handled to ensure its quality.

Who We Are

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Ltd. former Zuellig Pharma Bangladesh Limited (ZPBL) was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2006. ZPBL established its foot-print in Bangladesh in order to help Pharmaceutical MNCs to utilize instant opportunity. We started our operations in February 2007 as a subsidiary of Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific of which 100% shares belonged to Zuellig Pharma Holdings Limited. In 2007, GSK entered into a partnership with Zuellig Pharma as their Distribution associate. In subsequent years RAK Pharma, Reckitt-Benckiser, Novartis Bangladesh distribution businesses were integrated. In 2015 ZPBL migrated from Zuellig group and was acquired by Rapid Keen Holdings Limited. In mid 2019, Zuellig Pharma has changed its name into PSBL and this success story is continuing and it is strengthening and flourishing day by day.

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited (PSBL) provides highly advanced warehousing, distribution, supply chain and value added services to Global major pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Pharma, Sandoz, Elanco, Roche Diabetes Care, South West Technologies Limited, Menarini, Marie Stopes, Omron Healthcare Bangladesh and Sebamed.


Our Services

High Quality Services From Experienced Team


PSBL branches are suitably located in major cities of Bangladesh. We have 13 branches, 1 cross doc station in operation and now have a plan for 3 Crossdocs at Cox’s Bazar, Tangail and Bhairab…
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Sales & Marketing

Since inception Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited (PSBL) has been serving as an efficient pharmaceutical distributor and service provider in Bangladesh…
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IT Services

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh is using industry standard IT systems for its business operations. The aim of  Pharma Solutions IT architecture is to develop and maintain…
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Our Mission

Be the trusted partner that helps healthcare companies realize opportunities in market through innovative and high quality solution.

We are passionate about the accessibility of healthcare to the masses and we ensure that health comes at the top of our agenda. Therefore, we deliver products all over Bangladesh and we make sure that no one goes untreated in these areas.

At Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited we understand that our clients success depends on reliability and timely delivery of goods, cost efficiency, flexibility, compliance and above all outstanding customer relationships. We are also keen about our clients, hence our interest in bringing stakeholders together so that we all can serve our communities better and make healthcare reachable.


Why Pharma Solutions

We’re a pharma distribution company based in Bangladesh to provide better Pharma Solutions

Clinical Trial Logistics

These entail Direct Sales to patients; 12/7 Call Center; Web Based patient order management solution; Patient Data Management…

Patient Order Management

PSBL has a web based solution through which patients can log in and order the required medicines distributed by Pharma Solutions on its own…

Trade Return Management

PSBL with its expert professional supported by an advanced software manages all kind’s requirements by its clients. PSBL can track all transactions…

Product Registration

PSBLs regulatory team can facilitate the registration of pharmaceutical products. The team has full understanding about the requirements of registration…

Relabeling Services

PSBL has a fully complaint facility at its Central Distribution Center to facility its clients to comply with local regulatory requirements of relabeling…


We can identify and understand client’s needs and give excellent suggestions and plan of action. Our Company can translate proposals into…

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Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Ltd.
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