Clinical trial logistics is entail of Direct Sales to patients; 12/7 Call Center; Web Based patient order management solution; Patient Data Management; Remind patients, stimulate adherence and Pharmacovigilance reporting.

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited is aware that Patient medication non-compliance can be relatively high. To alleviate the problem, we have a strategy to improve medication adherence and compliance that is easy for both patients and healthcare professionals. We all recognize that improving medication adherence and compliance is a major challenge to today’s healthcare system. Patients will be exposed to significant risks by misunderstanding, ignoring or forgetting healthcare advice. We ensure that there is effective communication between healthcare professionals and their patients, and we have in place Patient-Doctor meeting invitation. We encourage physician-patient partnerships to maximize adherence as mutual collaboration fosters better patient satisfaction, reduces the risks of non-adherence, improves patients’ healthcare outcomes and carry out Patient – Doctor meeting invitation.