Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Ltd. former Zuellig Pharma Bangladesh Limited (ZPBL) was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2006. ZPBL established its foot-print in Bangladesh in order to help Pharmaceutical MNCs to utilize instant opportunity. We started our operations in February 2007 as a subsidiary of Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific of which 100% shares belonged to Zuellig Pharma Holdings Limited. In 2007, GSK entered into a partnership with Zuellig Pharma as their Distribution associate. In subsequent years RAK Pharma, Reckitt-Benckiser, Novartis Bangladesh distribution businesses were integrated.In 2015 ZPBL migrated from Zuellig group and was acquired by Rapid Keen Holdings Limited. In mid 2019, Zuellig Pharma has changed its name into PSBL and this success story is continuing and it is strengthening and flourishing day by day.

Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited (PSBL) provides highly advanced warehousing, distribution, supply chain and value added services to Global major pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Pharma, Sandoz, Elanco, Roche Diabetes Care, South West Technologies Limited, Menarini, Omron Healthcare and Marie Stopes.

In 2017 PSBL had a market share of close to 61% of MNC or 4% of total market with sales of over 90M USD. PSBL serves more than 51,000 customers in all channels including doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and wholesalers. So, regardless of size and the nature of business challenge, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a first class storage environment. PSBL has a seamless process in place to ensure that your products are carefully stored, maintained and transported throughout the entire value chain to meet compliance obligations.

PSBL services focus on the healthcare industry and provides a wide range of services of warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. We have made significant investment in upgrading the infrastructure and improving delivery service capabilities.