Global HealthCare Center is a concern of PharmaSolutions Bangladesh Limited. This is a one stop healthcare solution which enables people to assess and access treatment options across the globe from their home country.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure the best possible care and support to save cost and time of the treatment. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will show the available options around the globe for solving health issues. Our team of doctors will prepare a comprehensive medical profile for a 360-degree outlook of health condition. This process enables specialists to convey their expert opinion more accurately.

Global HealthCare Center has a world class setup for expert opinion from distant locations with state of art setup with various equipment like medical grade camera, big screen tv, power back-up, internet back-up and many more for flawless communication. One of our doctors will be present to facilitate the session and will debrief for ultimate satisfaction.

In addition to these features, Global HealthCare Center offers a range of services to make your healthcare journey hassle-free. From choosing a specialist/hospital, appointment scheduling to travel assistance till availability of medicines, we strive to meet all your healthcare needs at home and abroad.

Global HealthCare Center is opening a world of possibilities for better healthcare. Together, we can achieve brighter days and improved health outcomes.

Experience the difference with Global HealthCare Center. Your well-being is our top priority. Please call us on 09610666888 or +88 01329-666888 (9am to 8pm) for any query or appointment.

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