Pharma Solutions Bangladesh Limited (PSBL) provides cutting-edge logistic services covering inventory management, warehousing, customer order management, distribution, sales and other value-added services to leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

PSBL will provide you with a First-Class Service for your pharmaceutical products or medical devices distribution and marketing. Our Company focuses on delivering tailor made solutions with the objective of improving inventory, visibility, traceability and accuracy.

Our process flows, warehouse designs, standard operating procedures and employee training modules are updated on a regular basis to ensure they comply with global best practices. We carry out a yearly audit of our warehouses to certify good distribution practices and compliance with ISO standards. Our distribution center covers all the 7 divisions in Bangladesh and serves over 51,000 customers that comprise Pharmacies, Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics. Our cold-chain is of the highest standard and meets international criteria for handling, storage and distribution of temperature for sensitive products. We approach what we do with enjoyment, enthusiasm and the knowledge that a patient’s life is affected by what we do.