Yuwell Digital Blood Pressure Monitor YE680B

Key Features:

  • One-click accurate blood pressure measurement - AAMI, CE & DGDA   
  • Bluetooth technology to track the measurement values for lifetime   
  • Large screen Backlit display with voice assistance thus the measurement data is clear at a glance. 
  • Two Group of Memory provides two values, such as before/after the medicine or in the early morning/evening or two individuals in same family etc. are recorded separately which is convenient for comparing the changes of blood pressure. 
  • Irregular pulse prompts the detection of arrythmia.  


  • Voice broadcast function 
  • Large backlit LCD display 
  • 99×2 groups of memory for two users 
  • Indication for irregular heartbeats 
  • Oscillation Technology 
  • Detection for cuff wearing 
  • Indication for movement error 
  • Bluetooth Technology 
  • Cuff size 22cm ~ 45cm  (Which facilitates to take measurements of any BMI patients)